Custom Software Development

Custom stands for "made according to the specification of an individual". Innovative decisions blended with focus on business needs of the customer lead to successful software customization services. To compete with the competitors, businesses have to make their system more responsive by investing time and cost-effective applications that help them to stay ahead. Hence, there is always a need to make custom system which addresses the business needs and operational requirement of the company.

How Synchronous helps you

Synchronous offers an opportunity to develop custom based application by using advanced technology in a cost effective manner. With our experienced software development engineers, we entail an in depth knowledge of the requirement of the client and create competitive edge and robust solution as per specifications to increase revenue and enhance customer relationships with your clients. Our perfect management strategy encompasses a number of steps ranging from product idea to customizing software solutions as per the preference of the customer.

To work with us, you can expect

  •              >> Increase customer satisfaction.

  •              >> Affordable and cost effective solution.

  •              >> Increase efficiency of individuals .

  •              >> Improve business related decisions.

  •              >> Ability to penetrate new aspect or business.

  • Our custom software development includes:

  •              >> Customer relationship management system (CRM)

  •              >> Enterprise resource planning(ERP)

  •              >> Workflow Management System

  •              >> Intranet/Extranet Application

  •              >> Payment and Billing System

  •              >> Mobile application development

  •              >> Social networks and communities

  •              >> Financial applications

  •              >> Web 2.0 applications

  •              >> Re-design and Re-development services

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