Software Product Development

Synchronous software solution understands the challenges associated with Software Product Designing and Product Development. Synchronous has executed number of offshore product development assignments successfully in time.

Requirements and Specifications

Software product requirements/specifications are analyzed and documented, which is reviewed by client. Various software usage scenarios are studied and documented in Use Case document. 

Prototype Development

Prototype is very important for user intensive applications, and as a proof of concept for various other applications. Clients get a chance to provide feedback early in software development cycle, which can be incorporated in actual design and development. 

Architecture & Product Design

Synchronous development team architects and designs the software product taking into consideration various software product engineering attributes such as reliability, scalability, host-ability, etc. The team uses industry best-practices during the designing phase. 

Code Complete 

Coding is done in a phased manner by implementing some core components and then developing other components. During this stage component unit testing is completed and it is ensured that each component is fully working. 

Alpha Release 

An "Alpha" product has many UI and functionality, though some backend components and interfaces may be missing. Our Integration testing team will perform integration test prior releasing "Alpha" version of the product, we may expect bugs at this stage.
The testing will be done at Synchronous for confirming the functionality requirements.

Beta Release

The application is 100% complete as per requirements and specifications; unit testing is 100% complete, integration testing has been carried out for few modules, and system testing done by QA team.

Software Product Development Services
What exactly needs to be communicated

The application may still have few bugs, wherefore, currently used limited business users in a controlled environment. When Synchronous makes "Beta" available to the client (including the application as well as documented known bugs), the client installs and reviews it, and providing a full Beta Bug list through Vision's internal bug tracking system.

General Availability

Synchronous QA team approves the application, which fixes any bug reported during User Acceptance Testing (UAT), and makes it available to the client for general use.

Customer Care and Feedback

Voice of customer is extremely important for us, as we believe client's feedback gives us an opportunity to improve upon the functionalities and processes which in return enhances the efficiency of the product/services.

Software Product Development Advantages at Synchronous

  •              >> Cost-effective Solutions based on client time-frame

  •              >> An extensive resource pool of high end design, architectural and testing skills

  •              >> Cost savings on product development life-cycle

  •              >> Practical working contracts ensuring protection of intellectual property and flexible pricing system linked to                    success rates.

  • Product Domain Knowledge: 

    SaaS, Mobile, Telecom, Financial, Medical, ERM, Healthcare Web 2.0, Open Source, BI, Security, Network, Embedded, CRM, SCM.

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