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Today, there are million of website in the internet. Among those million of websites, there are thousand of websites which compete with your business directly. We design websites in such a way that your websites stands above the rest of the flock through its attractiveness, sharpness, superior content and image driven communication. Our website design and development team focus to convert customers into your fold. We project your company with a clear and more positive image.
According to the today's demanding world and ever changing market, we design unique, quality-driven and customer-specific websites that are focused, attractive and vibrant. We design and develop your website in a more professional manner and ensure that the website stands out as a unique and attractive model among your competitors. Our expert team of website designers and developers design in such a way that the visitors find your website satisfying and thereby spend more time on understanding you well.

Our website design and development services include

  •              >> Designing and developing of website according to the client specifications and industry standards through                    advanced and latest technologies available.

  •              >> Incorporating latest technology to redesign the existing website according to the client's requirement.

  •              >> Maintaining websites of new and existing clients.

  • Technologies and infrastructure

  •              >> We employ the latest and advanced technologies such as HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript, .NET, AJAX, CMS and more.

  • Website Maintenance Service

    Synchronous offers round-the-clock website maintenance service which is efficient, quick, and affordable. Every website requires maintenance in the form of updates or changes. Some websites require less updates while others require constant or continuous updates, additions or changes. Our maintenance team will stay focused on your website and make necessary changes as instructed by you. Our content management experts who are a part of our maintenance team will help you to add rich contents in your website.

    Our website maintenance service includes

  •              >> Modifications to the website.

  •              >> Image optimization - also includes adding new images, graphics, etc.

  •              >> Revitalization of colors in website.

  •              >> Activating/deactivating links and removing unwanted scripts which pose a hinder to the performance of your                    website.

  •              >> Redevelop content to amplify your message.

  •              >> Incorporating client-specific changes/additions.

  •              >> Fix bugs.

  •              >> Content management - includes editing and re-writing.

  •              >> Complete backup copy of website.

  •              >> Round-the-clock service.

  •              >> Safety and security.

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